Tuesday, June 4, 2013

We Are Family: Part Two

Ah ... family ... we must ensure they know our wishes regarding how we want to take care of our children. What happens to your children should something happen to you? Have you made plans for their care and let your family members know the plans?  Child care decisions are some of the most important decisions you make in life; you should certainly think about making provisions for your child in the event you unexpectedly pass away.

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Your child care wishes may be set forth in a will. Your wishes will be more easily carried out if both parents of the child have set forth the same plan for the children upon their passing.  While your wishes regarding who cares for your children will have to be legalized by a court, if your wishes coincide, and you have spoken with family members and close friends about your decisions, your wishes are more easily taken care of in court, should an issue be made by anyone contesting the will provisions.

Thinking about the care of your children should you pass is not fun. However, thinking about it now has the potential to give peace of mind to you and your family.  When you see headlines or Facebook status posts about young parents passing in a tragic accident, you may experience that moment of panic and concern about what would happen to your children if something should happen to you.  You can mitigate a portion of the panic by planning ahead. Take control of your life and ensure you have a plan for your children's future. Hopefully, it will never have to come into play.

Stay tuned for the third installment of "We Are Family"!

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