Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mike Pence and Co. - Take if from Lesley Gore - You Don't Own Me

You Don't Own Me

Normally, this blog doesn't address one particular person, but this one will. You've really done a doozy on things over the last year/year and a half. First, you make Indiana look ridiculous on a national level with your Religions Freedom Act. That was brilliant (insert sarcasm and disdain here).

Now, you are signing into law, after your brethren in state Congress thought it was a brilliant plan, an entirely unconstitutional and ridiculous bill attempting to change settled law on abortion.  Have you guys (yes, guys, white, male, religious conservatives) read Roe v. Wade (1973), and Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992)?  A. Our nation was founded on separation of church and state, which you guys keep forgetting, which means, you have your religious thoughts and I have mine, but the law is separate... B. The Supreme Court, you know, the one in Washington D.C., with the pillars and all, they even said, as long as the baby is not viable, a woman's right to privacy, under the US Constitution, as provided to the states through the 14th Amendment, is paramount.  This gives the woman (whose body and health is affected here, let's be real) the right to choose, period. The fight has been lost, gentleman (the term being used loosely here).

Whether people out there in the blogosphere are pro-choice or pro-life, which are monikers to which this blogger does not subscribe, people ought to all be pro-health, pro-good-decisionmaking, and pro-constitutional rights. These should be consensus points.  The new law you've signed now requires a woman and her family, should she be in a committed relationship when pregnant, to either lie to her doctor about reasons for abortion, decide not to obtain information regarding the health and welfare of her child, or to force a woman to give birth to a child who may never be able to survive after birth. Any of these situations is untenable, and in complete violations of a woman's right to privacy, and of any family's right to privacy, should the family be making the decision about pregnancy termination.  No matter how you slice it, no one should be forced to go through a full term pregnancy, only to be required to secure postnatal hospice care for their newborn because you, sir, and your buddies, have decided you know more about the woman's choices, or the family's choices, than those directly involved.

It's unreal to this blogger that Lesley Gore, in 1963, the Supreme Court in 1973, and  again in 1992, got it, YOU DON'T OWN ME.  Women are independent beings.  People are independent beings. They are not props and toys for you to make decisions for, Mr. Pence. Shame on you for forcing your religious beliefs on a whole population.

For those, besides Mr. Pence, who've read my rant, thanks for your eyes.  For those who are mad at me, thanks for your anger.  I'm just glad I'm still allowed my opinions. I'm terrified you, Mr. Pence, will try to mess with the First Amendment next...  You've tried it with religion and privacy... I don't think it's a stretch.


A Concerned Indiana Citizen.

*This blog was written prior to any attempt by current state governmental authorities to repeal of the Indiana Constitutional Rights under Article One, Section 9, and the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment Rights to Free Speech (via the Fourteenth Amendment) as well as prior to attempts to repeal provisions for protection from ex post facto laws found in the US Constitution.  The opinions are of the blogger alone and are not legal advice.  

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