Thursday, May 7, 2020

Bridget jones all by myself tom cruise GIF on GIFER - by Mirazius"All By Myself"

The Covid-19 situation has everyone living in  different way. Indiana's Counties are living some version of Governor Holcomb's Phase-In plan, and your county may be opening up certain business sectors sooner rather than later.  What do we know?  We know people are not in the mood to be  all by themselves anymore!  Yes, we've been on lockdown since March 20, 2020. Yes, many people have observed this pretty strictly. Yes, many have not. Regardless, your life has not been the same as it was prior to March 20, 2020.  What do you need to know?

The governor of Indiana has ordered a phased-in approach to re-opening business sectors in Indiana. Counties and towns have their own statutory authority to deviate from the governor's authority.  You must review your county's webpage to determine if there are new rules that apply in your county.  Generally, it's recommended that you wear masks in public places to protect others.  If a business requires you to wear a mask, do so, or do not go to that business. To fail to follow the rules places others at risk, which has been made known by the governor, the CDC, and the person asking you to put the mask on in the public place.  If you refuse to do so, you could be guilty of a battery, i.e. knowingly touching someone in a rude or angry manner and/or rudely or angrily placing bodily fluids on another. As has been indicated, when one talks, breathes, sneezes or coughs, "droplets" get into the air that are microscopic and can infect others with Covid-19, whether you are symptomatic and know you have it, or not.  Thus, let's all just put a mask on our faces to protect others. You'd want the same done for you, right?

Many courts are closed for all cases except those which are emergencies, like child welfare cases or criminal cases that require bond. This does not mean that everyone gets a free pass with police officers. Courts are holding hearings via videoconference to keep up with both criminal and child welfare cases.  Thus, you could be facing a judge during this time of crisis over video from jail and /or your home.  It's important to both know your rights and observe what is actually required to avoid contact with the legal system. Of course, when in doubt, feel free to call an attorney who can fill you in on the details!

In an effort to stop having to be all by ourselves, let's behave accordingly and hopefully show this virus who's the boss!

*The opinions expressed are of the blogger only and were not intended as legal advice or as an avenue to open a lawyer-client relationship.